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Resort Conservation Programs


Barona shuttle transportation is available every day to

guests and employees from various locations
throughout San Diego County. Barona utilizes electric
carts and vehicles throughout the property to reduce
carbon emissions. 

Barona focuses on purchasing furnishings and materials
that emit low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs),
including carpeting, paints, and sealants. All cleaning
products used meet the Green Seal GS-47 or higher. 

“Green�? light bulbs are used throughout the property.
The light bulbs contain little to no mercury and produce
less heat. As a result, air conditioner use is reduced and
energy is saved.

To minimize the use of chemicals, weeds are pulled by hand and soap is used to
rid plants of insects.

Energy-saving Solatubes®, which reflect and magnify natural light, are used in offices to
minimize or eliminate the need for electrical lighting during daytime hours. Skylights are
also the only source of illumination for the golf course’s comfort stations.

Recyclable materials are removed from employee offices and resort trash cans. Additionally, batteries, metals, computer equipment, ink cartridges, and furniture are recycled.

All plastic items on the golf course such as trash receptacles and signs are made from recycled materials.

For energy efficiency, dual-paned windows are featured in hotel rooms, and drapes are closed and thermostats are turned off when rooms are unoccupied. To conserve water, guests are encouraged to reuse their linens and towels.


One Person. One Tribe. One Earth. We can all make a difference.

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