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We are honored that you would like to learn more about our community on the Barona Reservation. It is a source of pride for the Barona Band of Mission Indians to now say that we are no longer taxpayer liabilities, but are indeed bringing back our pride, building our community, and rebuilding our culture.




Indian gaming has made possible a number of economic improvements on the Barona reservation, including educational opportunities, renovations to the Community Center, full emergency services, a waste water treatment plant, and new roads throughout the reservation, including an emergency access road and improved infrastructure to the tribal homes. Additionally, the Barona tribe provides 100 percent medical, dental and vision insurance coverage for all tribal members and their non-tribal spouses and dependents. The Barona Tribe has financed construction of 83 new homes for tribal families, and our childrens' playground was re-built and the equipment was upgraded, providing improved safety for the children. In addition, a Senior Home Improvement Program has been established that funds the rehabilitation of senior's homes to acceptable standards, usually including roofing, handicapped accessibility, and septic systems. The Barona Tribe is very proud of its self-reliance in all areas, due to the advent of Indian gaming.



For the Barona Tribe, the list of accomplishments is impressive and inspirational. It is a source of pride for the Barona Band of Mission Indians to now say they are no longer taxpayers liabilities, but they are indeed bringing back their pride, building a community and rebuilding their culture.




  • College scholarships for tribal members who want to attend college and maintain a minimum GPA.

  • Expansion of the Barona School -- once a dilapidated one-room school, it now includes a tutoring/computer center, library, a pre-school program and high school classrooms.



  • Renovation of the Barona Community Center, which includes a Museum, a senior citizens center and meeting hall.

  • $400,000 a year is spent on an emergency services department that includes a fire station and paramedic services.



  • Opened "The Barona Station," a $600,000 gas station that created 18 new jobs.




  • Invested $3.3 million for a new wastewater treatment plant.

  • Spent nearly $2.5 million on road construction and maintenance throughout the reservation.

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant has converted the Barona Indian Charter School from septic to sewer.




  • The Tribe provides 100 percent medical, dental and vision insurance coverage for all tribal members and their non-tribal spouses and dependents.

  • Currently financing construction of 22 new homes for tribal families.

  • In addition, Barona Casino makes a significant economic impact on the entire San Diego region. As one of the county's largest employers, the casino has created more than 3,500 jobs - 97 percent of which are held by non-Indians.



Sharing is a Native American tradition - one that dates back centuries. The Barona Band of Mission Indians still carries that tradition on today. They use Indian gaming revenues to take care of their own and to make a difference for charitable organizations throughout the San Diego region.

   Since 1994, Barona Casino has:


  • Donated over $30 million in charitable contributions to hundreds of organizations in San Diego County.

  • Held a job fair at the San Diego Homeless Shelter to recruit casino employees.

  • Shared approximately $6 million in casino revenues with 14 other tribes that don't have a business enterprise.


As Ted Owen, publisher of the San Diego Business Journal said, "The results of Indian gaming are eye-popping." Many people don't realize that the impact of Indian gaming has reached far beyond the reservation.


   Just a few recipients of Barona's commitment to giving back to the community:
























Indian gaming is the cornerstone on which tribes such as Barona have begun to build a community, renew their culture and share their good fortune with others. The impact of such a reversal from poverty and despair is likely to impact many future generations. Through Indian gaming revenues, the Barona tribe is now able to provide its members with the basic needs any government should provide its people. Here are some of the improvements the Barona government has funded with gaming revenues:




The Barona Tribe recently completed a $2 million renovation of the Barona Community Center and gymnasium, which now includes a new Tribal Meeting Hall, Senior Activity Center, Exercise & Weight Room for Tribal Members, and the Barona Museum. The new surrounding sports park includes tennis courts, an Olympic-sized pool, and ball field. The Community Center is also home to the Barona Recreation Center, which has various programs for Tribal and Non-Tribal youth.



The success of Indian gaming on the Barona Reservation has allowed for the expansion of the Barona School - once a dilapidated one-room school, it now includes a tutoring/computer center, library, pre-school program and high school classrooms. Additionally, full higher education scholarships are available for tribal members who want to attend college and maintain a minimum GPA.




Inspired by her love of children and her strong belief in the importance of education, Joan Phoenix, wife of Tribal Member Albert "Boxie" Phoenix, started the library with a few books in a small room inside the Barona Gymnasium, in the mid 1980’s.  Over the years, with the help of the Institute of Museum and Library Services Basic Library Grant, it has grown into a welcoming place for any tribal book lover.  A place where tribal members of all ages can borrow a good fiction book, students can do research for their school projects, and also a place for students to get help with their homework.  Whether it is fiction, history or science the Joan Phoenix Library strives to fulfill the community’s book needs.  Located near the Barona Recreation Center, Museum and Cultural Center and Barona Indian Charter School, the library is open Monday thru Friday from 8-4.

The Joan Phoenix Library has been awarded the Basic Library Grant from
the Institute of Museum and Library Services in support of Library Services.



The Barona Sports Park opened in 2015.  The state-of-the-art park is the home of the improved Tommy LaChappa Softball Field, a multi-purpose field for softball, soccer and football games, and the Barona Powwow.  There is a snack bar, picnic area, playground, and splash pad where tribal families and visitors to various events can enjoy the facilities year-round.



The Barona community church renovation has included landscaping, interior refurbishment, and the installation of a 15-foot sculpture honoring Barona's veterans. The War Memorial, entitled, "He Who Fights With a Feather" was created by Native American artist Denny Haskew, who also created "The Greeters" sculptures on Barona Casino's main entrance road, Founder's Way.




The new fire station is located across street from Barona Tribal Office on the Barona Reservation. A state-of-the-art facility, this new station is modeled after the best fire station in San Diego County. Approximately $1,000,000 a year is spent on the Barona Emergency Services department, which includes the fire station and paramedic services. The Tribe spent $150,000 to install an 850,000-gallon water storage tank and add fire hydrants throughout the reservation.



The $600,000 Gas Station at the Barona Casino entrance road has created 18 new jobs in the community.

  • American Cancer Society

  • American Diabetes Assoc.

  • American Heart Assoc.

  • Big Brothers of San Diego

  • Boys & Girls Club of Ramona

  • Brookside Charities

  • California Highway Patrol

  • Rady's Children's Hospital

  • JDRF

  • I Love A Clean San Diego

  • Lakeside River Park Conservancy

  • Kids Korp

  • Toys for Tots

  • December Nights

  • American Liver Foundation

  • Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

  • Greater San Diego

  • Inner-City Games

  • Hire-A-Youth

  • Hire-A-Youth

  • KPBS

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • Mingei International Museum

  • Meals on Wheels

  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving

  • Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

  • Salvation Army

  • San Diego Blood Bank

  • San Diego Center for Children

  • San Diego Food Bank

  • San Diego Senior Community Center

  • San Diego Police Athletic League

  • San Diego Symphony

  • Scripps Clinic & Research

  • Sharp Hospital

  • St. Vincent de Paul

  • YMCA

  • Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce

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