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"The members of the Barona Tribal Enforcement Detail strive to provide the best possible public safety services to the Barona Tribal Community as well as to the visitors that visit our Tribal Land."

The goal of the Barona Tribal Enforcement (BTE) Unit is to provide for a safe and secure quality of life to the members of the Barona Band of Mission Indians and their guests. We serve as Liaisons with allied agencies when on Tribal Lands such as San Diego Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol and Local Fire Departments etc. We provide patrol services to all Tribal Lands except for the Casino, Golf Course, and Casino Parking Lots, which are patrolled by Barona Casino Security. BTE utilizes a combination of vehicle patrol and other means of patrol in order to make ourselves highly visible on Tribal Lands. We also provide security services to the Barona Government Building.


All Barona Tribal Officers possess a California Guard Card, Basic CPR Card & First Aid, as well as training in Self Defense, Report Writing, Conflict Resolution, Indian Cultural Awareness, and Media and Public Relations. BTE Dispatchers are trained in the RCS 800 MHZ radio system which both the Barona Fire Department and Tribal Enforcement are members.



• First Emergency Response

• Patrol

• Security Checks

• Suspicious Person Checks

• Check on the Welfare

• Battery Jump Starts

• Locked Out Services

• Special Event Security



Dispatch Desk:


(619) 443 8976


Fax: (619) 443 9124sss




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  1. “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” — Winston Churchill


  2. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke




The Barona Tribal Enforcement Department (BTE) is a “Non-Peace Officer Power” Agency that has been in operation since 1999 and responds to emergency calls to protect life, property and cultural assets of the Barona Indian Reservation.  We are fully-staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Barona Tribal Enforcement provides patrol services to all Tribal Lands.  The reservation is approximately 8,500 square acres and consists of over 250 homes and about 500 residents.  Barona Tribal Enforcement responds to approximately 40,000 to 50,000 calls for service annually.


To fulfill its mission and provide around the clock service, the department employs 2 Sergeants, 1 Corporal, 10 Officers, 4 Dispatchers and Director. Vehicles used for patrol services are Off-Road Capable, outfitted with emergency lighting and all necessary equipment to provide a safe working environment for BTE Officers and service provided.


Barona Band of Mission Indians has contracted with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and pays for a full time “on-site” Special Purpose Deputy.  Primary responsibilities are to patrol Barona Tribal lands, assist BTE, Barona Fire Department, and Barona Casino Security, tribal and non-tribal guests on the reservation.  Also responsible for conducting criminal investigations that occur on Barona Tribal lands. 


 All BTE uniformed personnel are trained as (First Responders), with training in, CPR/ First Aid, as well as training in Self-Defense, Report Writing, Conflict Resolution and Indian Cultural Awareness.   As first responders, BTE personnel are usually first to arrive on scene of any call for emergency assistance and or incident on the reservation, including vehicle accidents, traffic hazards, reports of crimes such as domestic violence, trespassers, suspicious people and or activity, assault cases, illegal discharge of fire arms, drug related offenses. BTE Officer’s conduct legal detainments for Felony Warrants, bookable Misdemeanors, crimes committed and held for Sheriff’s as contracted.


BTE maintains a strong working relationship with all allied agencies, such as DA’s Office, SDSO, CHP, CPS, Barona Fire, Cal Fire, Heartland Dispatch and County Roads as well as Barona Casino Security.  We schedule quarterly meetings to collaborate efforts during domestic issues and or high profile incidents directly affecting the Barona Tribe, guest or neighboring community.  As First Responders on scene we are able to assess and assist allied agencies with crucial information regarding the call, provide first aid if needed, and ensure proper equipment, manpower and resources are requested and provided. 


Barona Tribal Enforcement strives to maintain a good rapport with the community and its members by participating in yearly events such as, collaborations with Barona Fire Department during open house events, Trunk or Treat hosted by the Barona Rec Center, as well as Barona Government Open houses.

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