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Landscaping & Wildlife Preservation

Over 150 native California oaks were relocated to Barona Creek Golf Club from other
areas of the reservation. They are capable of withstanding long periods of drought.


At Barona Creek Golf Club, fairways feature
drought-tolerant Bermuda grass, and indigenous
native grasses fill the open space between the

Throughout the property, sprinkler heads are
individually controlled to ensure each area
receives only the amount of water needed and
no more. An on-site weather station is used to
track daily environmental conditions, allowing
us to fine-tune water distribution.


The Barona Valley is home to a wide variety of
wildlife, and we are dedicated to preserving
and enhancing wildlife habitat. Lakes and
streambeds provide ideal nesting areas for a number of birds, and these areas are identified
and protected from equipment and foot traffic.

To minimize the use of chemicals, weeds are pulled by hand and soap is used to rid plants
of insects.


One Person. One Tribe. One Earth. We can all make a difference.

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