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Living in harmony with nature is an essential part of our heritage. The Barona Band of Mission Indians works diligently to protect and conserve all natural resources on our reservation. In this ever-changing world, we have embraced technology and woven it into our inherent respect for the earth.

Barona’s reverence for the environment spans thousands of years since the time our ancestors moved throughout the region, living in harmony with nature’s bounty. We continue this respect by practicing energy and resource conservation thoughout our reservation and resort property.

Our first on-site water treatment facility went online in 1994; a second, more advanced water reclamation plant was completed and implemented in 2000. Today, a highly acclaimed and innovative water recovery program captures rainwater and irrigation runoff, and reclaims almost 100% of the resort wastewater.

Indigenous and drought-friendly plants and grasses are carefully
selected, and all irrigation processes are closely monitored and
controlled for optimal efficiency. Throughout the Barona Valley,
wildlife is protected and preserved. Equipment, foot traffic, and
pesticides are restricted in all habitat and nesting areas.

One Person. One Tribe. One Earth. We can all make a difference.

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